White beaches and limitless forests, castles embraced to the rocks and Greek temples, Byzantine architecture and millenial trees.

Calabria is full of surprises.

Choose your ideal holiday.

Choose the most beautiful places , perfect destinations for sea, sun,nature lovers.

Discover the colors, rhythms and traditions.

A mix of pleasure, culture, art and relaxation that you can carve out custom-cut in a city rich in tradition and natural beauty.

Immersed in this wonderful landscape is Casa Greta.

The inspirations that gave birth to House Greta have the desire to create a pleasant, functional, friendly place to make anyone feel at ease.

You will feel cuddled from the hospitality of the owners and caress your senses taste of tranquility.

So if you want to spend a pleasant holiday come and enjoy the hospitality of Casa Greta, you will find a family atmosphere in a environment where attention to detail to create a joyful atmosphere .

CasaGreta - Via Regina Elena, 22A - 89861 Parghelia VV, Italia email: mari.scord@libero.it Cell. +39 320 9335658